Walk-ins are welcome for Notarizations, however if we are busy, we will be unable to help you. Please call to make an appointment to guarantee a time.
To make Personal Planning documents you must call the office to make an appointment. These are often longer appointments which take time therefore it is good to have an appointment booked. There are often two appointments. The first is the initial instruction appointment where we must ask necessary questions. The second appointment is the signing of the documents.
Please sit down and make a list of who you would want your beneficiaries to be in your Will. Have an idea of who you want your Executor to be so they can distribute your estate. It is always wise to have a back-up Executor in case your first choice cannot act. For your Power of Attorney and Representation Agreement, know who you would like to appoint as your Attorney and Representative.
We do not Notarize Promissory Notes, Family Law documents, and Court documents. However, we can notarize an Affidavit for Court. We also do not Notarize form A transfers, Statutory Rights of Ways, and any Liens due to the potential liabilities associated with them. Any document that does not have a Notarial function we cannot act as a witness to it.
Please have your realtor send us the Contract of Purchase and Sale right away. If you are purchasing with a mortgage, please get your bank to send the mortgage instructions as soon as possible.
We unfortunately do not provide any bundled service for Real Estate Transactions and must order the required documents ourselves.
We do not notarize Wills that we have not made ourselves due to the liabilities associated with it.
Due to a conflict of interest we cannot act for both parties. We must only act for one.
We do take on private deals without Realtors being involved, but be aware of additional costs associated with making a contract.